Digital Airport Map Creator & Implementer (w. illustrator skills)
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We are an international team running next-generation intelligent trolleys in airports. Our trolleys offer passengers with a screen including airport map & wayfinding, tailor-made advertising, and other personalized services for the best travel experience ever.  

To support our exciting journey, we need a diligent person that can help us:

  • Define, draw and maintain the airport maps we show on the intelligent trolley screens.
  • Populate the map with data about the shops and restaurants etc.
  • Q&A of app features & map
  • Assist our project managers to implement indoor positioning systems in the airport.

You will be working in a small agile organization situated in Rødovre/Copenhagen where you will be part of the implementation and product teams. It is in our cultural DNA to give our employees a lot of responsibility and to give them the chance to organize their work very freely.

Your main tasks will be:

  • To do short scouting trips in new airports all over the World to plan how the airport map should look on the trolley screens.
  • Based on the scouting trips and existing technical airport map drawings you will draw passenger friendly maps in Illustrator. (This task is NOT a visual graphical design task, but rather a technical task involving outlining the main locations of shops, gates and outlets etc.)
  • Hand over the map drawings to our software development team and perform quality assurance of their implementation of the maps and other features.
  • Assist in the physical implementation and configuration of the indoor positioning system (indoor GPS) in the airports.
  • Enter map data into our backend system.
  • Perform quality control of the final app in the airport before final launch.

Other tasks:

  • Depending on your UX / Design skills and wishes you may also:
    • design new frontend functionality, user interfaces, graphical illustration for the trolley app and our administration tools.
    • produce marketing and promotional material.

Your profile:

We imagine that you may have been working as a creative for min. 1–2 years with working experience with various design tools (we use Illustrator & Figma). Now you may want a more versatile job where you don’t just sit behind the screen day in and day out.

  • Have some kind of UX/design background.
  • Ideally, you have prior experience with converting complex maps to user friendly consumer maps.

Required personal skills:

  • High sense of responsibility and desire to deliver the best possible user experience to our trolley users.
  • You take pride in ensuring that your work is sound, correct and well-documented.
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and understand that now and then you need to do completely other stuff to help our colleagues get their job done.
  • Ready to travel 1-2 times per month (typically 1-5 days depending on the location of the airport).
  • You are fluent in English as all customers and many of our colleagues are English speaking.
  • Good physical condition - expect long days and to walk long distances (airports terminals can be big) from time to time.

Other requirements

  • No criminal records or any other history that prevents you from getting security clearance in airports (having worked in many different countries and for different employers in recent years often complicates security clearance).


The process

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ITS is a Denmark based technology company collaborating alongside its sister companies “Exruptive” and “BBHS” under the umbrella of “CPHI Holding”, that provide innovative solutions and high value-added benefits to airports and malls worldwide.

The headquarters are located in Rødovre, Denmark.

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