Musicologist for a new music streaming service
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Why you want to work for us:
We are building a personalized music streaming service and are launching globally. We need you and your expertise to join us in improving and expanding the Moodagent services, enabling us to bring better music to even more people. Help us shape a music streaming service of the future!

Moodagent is currently looking for skilled music-savvy people to join our team of music experts in Copenhagen. We are especially looking for people with good ears and analytical skills, preferably within a large variety of genres. If you are really skilled at this, we might be able to offer you a position that involves a lot of music and technology.

Tasks include for example:

  • Analysis and annotation of music

  • Qualitative and critical analyses of our choice of datasets and methods

  • Delve into Moodagent’s database and its associated conceptual understanding of music

This will entail that you delve into Moodagent’s database conceptual understanding of music 

We are looking for someone who is good at:

  • Listening to music with the purpose of analysing it  

  • Analysing many different kinds of music

  • Understanding the multitude of users and their variety.

  • Navigating in and making decisions based on very complex issues.

Other appreciated traits would be:

  • Creativity - preferably with data as well.

  • A good team spirit, strong work ethics, and an open attitude

  • That you are not afraid of a spreadsheet

Additionally, a flair for large amounts of data and quantitative methods, the ability to analyse large datasets (i.e. identify biases in data, estimate coverage, and usefulness in relation to our product), are preferred but not our first priority skill. 

We offer:

  • A position with room for growth
  • A diverse team of colleagues from more than 15 different countries
  • Friday bars, a summer party & holiday gathering (all covid permitting)
  • Social clubs including running, football, FIFA, board games & extreme knitting
  • Flexible working hours 
  • Great office space in central Copenhagen with a view over the canals
  • Laptop of your choice 
  • Endless caffeine to keep you jamming 

About us:

Moodagent is a company built by and for music enthusiasts. It is a celebration of music as an important piece of our culture, its impact on our lives, and the sense of community it fosters. At Moodagent, we blend our longstanding AI technology with the best of you, creating the most personalized music streaming experience out there. Moodagent is redefining what it means to make, listen and share music one playlist at a time.

Our team is a close-knit bunch of music-loving software developers, design thinkers, musicologists, data scientists, and machine learning experts who come from all corners of the world. We have people working in big data, microservices, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, scalable infrastructure, and app creation. 

We have an informal tone and a shared passion for music.

Moodagent HQ, Havnegade 27, 1058 København


The recruitment process:
The recruitment process is easy!

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Director HR
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