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Head of Infrastructure to lead our Infrastructure team at Moodagent in Copenhagen​​​​​​​
Havnegade 27
1058 København K

Head of Infrastructure to lead our Infrastructure team at Moodagent in Copenhagen​​​​​​​

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Head of Infrastructure at Moodagent in Copenhagen.

We are looking for a Head of Infrastructure to lead our Infrastructure team. You will work with AWS, Containers and CI/CD while scaling our platform for a global rollout. We are busy building a new product on top of our world-leading technology, and you’ll be working in close cooperation with our entire company to help us make sure we can deliver a high-quality product.

Currently the infrastructure team consists of 4 engineers, but we want to grow this and that will be a part of your job too. The Infrastructure team will report to you. You will be responsible for their growth, team culture and productivity. You will be a part of the Engineering leadership team and will report directly to the VP of Engineering.

We are looking for someone with a cloud based infrastructure background and experience with leading and growing a team.

Our drive is to continue to lead the way in making music discovery relevant through personalization - in every Moodagent playlist and for every Moodagent product.


  • Leadership
  • Leading and managing engineers
  • Agile thinking and mentoring
  • Agile planning (Kanban/Scrum)


  • Experience with AWS organizations and multi-account management across regions.
  • IAM management (Users, Roles, Policies etc.)
  • Familiarity with setting up networking infrastructure including VPCs, Subnets, Security Groups, Route Tables etc. with emphasis on Security.
  • Infrastructure as Code - experience with provisioning Cloud infrastructure/services using CloudFormation, Terraform, AWS CDK or similar


  • Docker - experience in both reusing existing Docker images and dockerizing services from scratch (e.g. a REST API written in .Net Core, Flask app written in Python)
  • Kubernetes - or other orchestration tools like Docker Swarm


  • CI/CD - experience with writing build & deploy scripted pipelines (e.g. Bitbucket pipelines, Jenkins)


  • Experience with Shell, Python or the likes
  • Familiarity with logging, monitoring and tracing
  • DevOps mindset and a flair for automation

Agile planning (Kanban/Scrum)

The Infrastructure team is currently following a Kanban methodology with weekly planning sessions and biweekly retrospectives. The Lead is responsible for driving these sessions and making sure that everyone knows what is on their table for the upcoming week. You will also ensure that the retrospective feedback is being taken into consideration and that any dissatisfaction or issues are being addressed.

About us

Our goal is to revolutionize the music streaming scene, putting our unique music recommendation AI in the hands of the user - making music discovery more personal, relevant and shared experience than we know it today. 

The Moodagent team is a close-knit collective of music-loving software developers, design thinkers, musicologists, data scientists and machine learning experts, from many corners of the world. At times, individual tasks get rather interdisciplinary, and we consider that to be a good thing.

We have the world’s best music recommendation and discovery tech, and we’re taking steps for a major entry into the consumer market.

We juggle our work with a lot of fun stuff: music, big data, microservices, cloud computing, AI & machine learning, massively scalable systems, apps, web and an ever-flowing stream of intricate challenges that make these things come together as a whole.

We have an informal tone and a shared passion for music.


Moodagent HQ Copenhagen



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