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Music Data Analyst - Trainee for a new music streaming service in India
- India

Recruitment period is over!

Music Data Analyst - Trainee for a new music streaming service in India

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We are looking for Music Data Analyst - Trainee to join Moodagent India. 

Help us shape the music streaming service of the future! Want to change the face, and feel of music streaming?

Moodagent makes music truly personal – putting unique recommendations in the hands of the user - because we believe music should be so much more than just a static library of songs. Join us and help redefine how people listen to music.

We are currently looking for persons who are passionate about music to join and form the Music Data team at Moodagent in Delhi NCR (Faridabad).

The primary focus of the team is to work in the intersection between data, music, and the listeners musical experience. As music catalogues are getting increasingly vaster, users need better tools to find relevant songs. Having good data about the music is an essential component for doing this.

Therefore your primary task is to help us classify and sort relevant music data of our Indian music catalog.

Your tasks include:

  • Verification of the data ingested on our system.
  • Classification of the above data to ensure that it suits Indian music consumption needs.
  • Sorting of song data into the correct buckets to assist our AI engine.
  • Apply or retrieve the most relevant and accurate data, where required.
  • Ensure completeness and 100% data correctness.
  • Work to create logics for new categories for filtering out content.

We are looking for persons who are music lovers and familiar with basic knowledge of music. But preferably you also need to have data detective skills, and vast knowledge about many different sources for music data. Also importantly, you possess the ability to analyze i.e. you can estimate coverage, and their practical usefulness in relation to our products.

Other good traits could be:

  • You are creative - preferably with data as well.
  • You possess a good team spirit, have a strong work ethic, and an open attitude.
  • You have a great passion for music.


This is a work from office intern role which will have regular office timings and facility for working from home is not available.


1 - 3 Months


Our drive is to revolutionize the music streaming scene, putting our unique music recommendation AI in the hands of the user - making music discovery a more personal, relevant, and shared experience than we know it today.



December 2020/January 2021

The recruitment process

The recruitment process

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