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2CureX A/S
Project Manager IndiTreat®
2100 København Ø Posted 26-10-2020 18:57
2CureX A/S

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Project Manager IndiTreat® - Copenhagen

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to have great influence on your workday?
  • Would you like to have a significant impact on the progress of an exciting company?
  • Do you want to work in an international and stock-listed company where there is room for development, dialogue, creativity and short decision-making processes?
  • Do you have experience and knowledge within the field of business to business sales in the life science industry and do you know how to manage hospital buying processes and distributor sales? sales to healthcare providers like hospitals and distributors?
  • Sounds good?

Then use a couple of minutes and read on:

The 2cureX company originates out of a recognition for an unmet need in clinical practice to match cancer patients to those therapies that work best for individual patients.

One of our guiding principles is that there is a tremendous clinical relevance in exposing the patient’s tumor cells directly to the drugs that could be used to treat those tumors in order to select the most effective treatment for those patients.

2cureX has developed the world’s first CE-IVD marked Functional Sensitivity Test (IndiTreat®) for solid cancers. IndiTreat® is in its commercialization phase for colorectal cancers and we’re in active dialogue with Oncologists for the implementation of the test in clinical practice.. To support our sales activities and to further develop our product pipeline 2curex conducting ongoing multi-centre clinical validation trials with leading Cancer hospitals within other cancers like Ovarian and Pancreatic Cancer.

2cureX Business Model

2curex offers the IndiTreat® Sensitivity Test to cancer hospitals and oncology clinics, where our main customer is the clinical Oncologist that makes decisions to which drug treatment is best suited for the individual cancer patient

Our testing method is based on a small tumor-sample taken from a patient at the hospital that will be sent for analysis to one of our labs in Copenhagen or Hamburg within 24 hrs utilizing our IndiTreat sample collection process. After processing the tissue sample at the 2cureX lab, the physician will receive a detailed drug-sensitivity report for guiding the medical treatment to the specific patient.

See https://www.2curex.com/


The commercialisation of IndiTreat® was officially launched in Europe Q3-2020 at the start of the ESMO 2020 oncology congress, to further capitalize on our momentum  we are expanding our team by building our sales team in order to roll out our test widely across Europe.

Perhaps you are the one to help us along?


  • You enjoy working with projects, systems, and logistics, and know the value of precision when it comes to delivering a high quality product to customers
  • You have experience working with CE-IVD labelled medical devices and know the imposed requirements in terms of working according to a Quality Management System (ISO 13485).
  • It will be a plus if you have experience working with diagnostic kits delivered to hospitals and clinics
  • You are particularly independent and plans your time optimally
  • You are available to work in the HQ office in Copenhagen
  • You are highly proficient in English; it will be an advantage if you additionally are fluent in both German as well as Danish

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